By Victoria K. 

Lately there’s been a craze to get to the festival that is a hot topic for all ages. Since 1989 the renaissance festival has been open to the people of Arizona. Every weekend up until April 2, 2017 is open to the public. With mermaids, pirates, princes, and princesses, kids and adults are sure to not be bored. Jousting tournaments are held three times a day, while other rides are open all day to enjoy. Food, games, shops and shows are sure to turn your weekend into something you’ll never forget and come back to each year.

Certain dates throughout the festivals running have special themes:

February 18, 19 and 20- Regal Royals and Fiesta Renaissance

February 25 and 26- Pirates and High Seas Adventures

March 4 and 5- Fairytale Masquerade

March 11 and 12- Time Travellers

March 18 and 19-  Celtic Weekend

March 25 and 26- Magic and Merriment

April 1 and 2- Final Huzzah! (closing weekend)

If you’re looking to take the festival to the next level, you might be interested in The Pleasure Feast. An exclusive feast that is bought separately from the actual festival tickets.  There are only two feasts daily! During this hour and a half of lunch, you will enjoy being treated like royalty with 5 courses, a wide selection of beverages, fools and jesters for your entertainment, and a special edition souvenir goblet. Don’t miss out on this foodful event! For ticket prices, directions, and any other questions you may have visit the link below!


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